Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hi, I'm back!

The eternal project is finished, and it is a very strange feeling! The Palm Tree socks are ready for wearing, if I can bring myself to take them off Flash the Peacock's tail - they look so good there! They are a copy of a pair at the Textile Museum in Washington D.C. knit some time between the 11th and 14th centuries. They were a hot subject of discussion on HistoricKnit in the beginning of 2003, and I decided I really did want to knit them. I sent off for slides of both sides of the sock and charted the pattern. The only thing I didn't copy as exactly as possible was the heel, since the original was only half as deep as mine, like the heel in this medieval Egyptian sock.

The other socks on the peacock's tail are ones I happened to wash at the same time. I am rather pleased with how the entrelac socks turned out. They are knit in the round from (Opal) self-striping yarn based on several different on-line patterns.

The purple socks are the "Baltic socks" from a German knit-along.

The blue and sand-colored socks are "Making Waves" from the Six Sox Knitalong.