Saturday, February 11, 2006

Decisions, decisions. I've been testing various related heels known as
Strong Heel
No Pickup Gusset Heel (Laurie Bolland)
Tongue River Non-stop Heel
and I don't think these are the heel for this sock. I think the sock will look best with white heels and toes to tie in with the white top, so a flap heel or a short-row heel would be the thing. This brings us back to the first heel I tested. The "Niantic heel" turns out to be a short row heel with gussets. The white part could be the short row section, and the little heel flap and gussets would disappear into the main body of the sock.

I am knitting with Sisu yarn, which I previously have sucessfully knit on 2mm needles with a 72 stitch cast on. Just in case it might be a little loose, I'll put in some ribbing down the back a la Nancy Bush (Knitting on the Road).

This should look something like this:

(Got it! "No fill" comes out black, white comes out white. On white paper in Word, you cannot see the difference!)

We watched the opening ceremony, waiting for the flame to be lit. Hans was envisioning three thousand knitters around the world all poised with their needles ready to cast on as the flame leapt up. I was tinking a heel sample that wasn't working out. Our Norwegian commentators liked the pulsating heart (for passion) best, but Hans and I liked the ski-jumper. Both figures were formed by dancers in various colored garments, moving around the floor of the stadium.



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